I am pleased to announce that our film, Pawn, was awarded “Best Musical Score” and was nominated for “Best Film” at the 2015 48-hour Film Horror Project.

For those not familiar with 48-hour film festivals, a team is given 2 days to write, film, and edit a short movie. To say the least, its a whirlwind of creativity with lots of pizza and not so much sleep. For the 2015 48-hour Film Horror Project, we had to have a store clerk named Randy Meeks, a glove as a prop, and use the line “There are dark and nasty things here.” We were assigned the genre “Gothic/Vampire”. I was hoping for “B” movie, so we could do a zombie flick, but it turns out that the Gothic genre allowed for more freedom musically. I got to composed a score with tone clusters and a banjo! Enjoy!

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